Línea de Fertilidad


Laboratorios Hermani es la primera empresa especializada en fertilidad del país. Llevamos más de 15 años ofreciendo soluciones de alta calidad a Clínicas de Fertilidad en cada paso del proceso de IVF.

Somos representantes oficiales de empresas líderes en el mercado mundial:

Since 1987, ORIGIO has been a global leader in delivering innovative Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) solutions that enhance the work of ART


Specialising in leading edge technology and medical devices for the fertility field, RI has quickly become the company of choice when looking for the latest in biomedical technology.

K-SYSTEMS Kivex Biotec A/S is the market leader within development, manufacturing, and sale of innovative and well-designed equipment to the professional IVF Clinics.


Wallace Embryo Replacement Catheter is still the most popular catheter worldwide and remains the gold standard, used in more than 80 countries and


Kitazato is one of the leading companies, at an international level, in research, development and manufacture of medical and biotechnological products for human reproduction.


The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures, or else he endures pains


Labotect – located in the centre of Germany – develops, produces and internationally distributes a wide range of products for use in assisted reproduction, medical surgery and life-science laboratories.


Laboratoire CCD is leader in the Assisted Reproduction Technology industry, has a long history of developing superior products with high clinical value for Assisted Reproduction Technologies and Ob/Gyn general


Rocket Medical is a UK based, award winning designer and manufacturer of single use medical devices for these key clinical areas: Chest Drainage, Ascites

HalotechDNA, based in Madrid and founded in 2008, is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to research, development and marketing of solutions in the field of


BIOBASE Group is specialized in products of 8 areas include medical diagnosis, biosafety protection, disinfection and sterilization, water purification system,


The Pipette Company was founded in 1999 by a group of Australian scientists working in reproductive medicine. Strict principles of designing micropipettes for


Fenomatch Platform es una innovadora plataforma dirigida a clínicas de fertilidad y bancos de gametos. Con ella médicos y embriólogos van a poder seleccionar de una manera objetiva y científica el donante ideal para sus pacientes.


Bonraybio® ha desarrollado un analizador de calidad de semen microscópico (LensHookeTM) totalmente automatizado y fácil de usar que puede determinar fácilmente todos los parámetros críticos de calidad de semen.